Why Berlin Extra Tour?

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We are of German origin. Our family went to South America to flee the war. Part of our family immigrated to Brazil, where a part still lives and works. After the end of the war, however, it was not long before some relatives returned to Berlin.

The German capital has undergone numerous changes due to the war and the post-war period when the city was divided by a wall for many years. We witnessed the different times and phases that Berlin went through.

In the 1980s, we opened a small and successful travel agency called Extra Tour in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It was specialized in air tickets and private tours. At that time we were divided between Brazil and Germany, where we also worked in the tourism industry. When German reunification took place, we were in Berlin and participated in that unprecedented moment in history.

In the 1990s, we opened a Pousada in Trancoso, south Bahia state, and lived there for ten years. We did not abandon the work we were already doing. We used to stay in the high season in Trancoso, but we kept people in Rio and Berlin. Over the years, a part of our family returned to Berlin for good and another part stayed in Rio de Janeiro.

Currently, we offer tours in both cities because we know the culture and interesting places very well as we are experienced local citizens. We are glad to show you Berlin. We hope to please you with our explanations and knowledge. The city has undergone a huge transformation through the ages, becoming one of the most visited capitals on the European continent.

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