Information you need to know

Meeting point

We usually meet at the hotel lobby at the agreed time. We might also meet you in other places, such as the train station, vacation apartment, airport. In the case of a meeting at the airport, there may be an extra charge due to distance.

Shuttle tickets

Public transport is very efficient and organized. There are several types of tickets: single, daily, weekly. We will advise you on the best ticket to take, according to the number of days you will stay in the city and the things you want to see.

Be safe

Stay tuned, your safety also depends on you.

Never leave your belongings out of your sight when checking in to hotels, on trains, especially those traveling long distances and at night. Always keep your bag attached to you!


In Germany, the weather might suddenly change. As a result, it is good to carry a bag a raincoat, jacket, and comfortable shoes to walk and appropriate for the rain. In case you need to buy some last-minute clothes, There are a lot of shops where the prices are reasonable.


In Berlin may occur some establishments accept cash only. Better to know before consuming something.


Watch out the bicycles!

In Berlin, there are bike tracks everywhere, including on the sidewalks. Often the marking is bad to see. So be careful not to get hit or cause an accident.